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The Degreasers Services

Pressure Washing and Grease Removal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Degreasers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have been making your dirty jobs a painless experience for over 20 years. We have the equipment and manpower required for your entire degreasing, duct cleaning and grease removal needs.

We provide services for hood and duct cleaning, power washing, mold remediation, chute cleaning, industrial degreasing, graffiti removal, grease filters, hood degreasing, exhaust degreasing, Indoor Air Quality Testing, grease duct cleaning, and even bird dropping cleaning!

Our HVAC coil and duct cleaning and remediation will dramatically improve the air quality of your home or business, making you environment a safer one. For businesses, we provide the cleaning of trash chutes, which can help reduce bugs and vermin who are attracted to the remains. Power washing can greatly increase the curb appeal of your business. Our service takes care of these chores so you don’t have to!

Our company was founded on the degreasing of restaurant hood and duct systems. Degreasing a surface can be expensive, time consuming and tedious work. Our specialty is the safe, speedy, and affordable remover of grease from a variety of surfaces.

Our Air Duct Cleaning service and Pressure washing service serves all of the tri-state area, including Newark, Atlantic City, Norristown, Reading, and more. 

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Allow our team of professionals to provide you with the most exceptional results on duct cleaning needs. It is suggested that you receive duct cleaning annually to maintain clean, and hazard free ducts. We utilize our air driven spinning brushes to remove debris and buildup within your air ducts. Rest assured our team of professional duct cleaners will equip you with the most incredible results for home and office HVAC cleaning services.

Commercial Mold Removal

Mold Remediation

If you find any mold within your home or office it is critical that you receive immediate, professional guidance. Our professionals will provide you with mold remediation to treat or remove mold quickly and easily. Minor mold issues may require something as simple as antimicrobial solutions, while more extensive infestations will require complete wood or drywall removal.

Residential Pressure Washing

Power Washing

Our power washing services equip commercial owners with the best build up removal services. If you find that you exterior walls, patios, awning or floors are in need of a powerful clean, we are the team for you. We utilize our 300 psi, heated power washing system to remove even the toughest dirt and grime. Each of our professionals is guaranteed to provide you with the best results on your power washing needs.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Are you the owner or manager of a restaurant that is in need of professional hood cleaning services? We offer our clients with incredible results on range hood cleaning. Your kitchen will need to be shut down for the time that we are cleaning because we utilize strong degreasers that emit chemicals. This process can take anywhere from 2-4 hours; upon completion, you can reopen your kitchen immediately.

Graffiti Power Washing

Graffiti Removal

Allow our team of experts to assist you in removing unwanted graffiti from your commercial or residential surfaces. Whether you have a brick building or concrete walls, we have the tools to help you. We utilize chemicals such as paint stripper or our 300 psi power washer depending on the surface and its vulnerability. We provide clients with one session graffiti removals for fast and sufficient results.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our indoor air quality test (IAQ) is critical for home and business owners that fear they are being exposed to poisonous gases. We check for both carbon monoxide as well as carbon dioxide. These gases can be emitted from common appliances such as dryers or property heating systems. These hazardous gases are not only harmful to you, but they are combustible as well making it extremely dangerous. Allow our team to provide you with our critical indoor air quality test today.

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