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Vent Hood Cleaning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our team of professionals would like to invite commercial owners in the Philadelphia area to take advantage of our top quality services at The Degreasers. We are proud to offer clients with incredible results on restaurant hood cleaning services. Established over 20 years ago, we offer clients with incredible results on vent cleaning for fast and efficient results. We utilize our industrial degreasers to free you from increased buildup of cooking grease and oils.

Commercial Hood CLeaners

When you are looking for a dependable professional to provide you with the highest quality commercial hood cleaning, we are your team. Each of our experts is guaranteed to provide your restaurant vents with the most incredible cleaning results.

Allow our experts to provide you with the most incredible results on your kitchen hood cleaning. By fire code regulations, it is required that you receive hood cleaning a minimum of semi-annually.

This routine hood cleaning will maintain the quality of your vents, and prevent the hazardous event of a fire. Built up grease and oil can easily catch fire when exposed to flames. 

With the use of our industrial degreaser, we can remove any built on grease that has accumulated. Each vent cleaning service can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the amount of buildup as well as the size of your hood exhaust system. 

It is required that you close your kitchen down while we perform our hood cleaning services. We utilize strong chemicals that emit into the air; you can reopen your kitchen immediately upon completion. 

After each kitchen vent cleaning, we will provide you with an updated cleaning and service sticker. With routine kitchen duct cleaning, you can maintain a safe and appealing environment for your employees and customers alike. 

Rest assured that when you choose our team of professional vent cleaners, you will never be disappointed. We utilize the highest quality tools and equipment for the most incredible results.

If you are looking for a professional to provide you with restaurant hood vent cleaning, call us today at 800-833-1367. One of our friendly associates will be glad to assist you in your time of need, and schedule your appointment right away.